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Downtown Edmonton Teeth Whitening

Would you like whiter teeth? Dr. Martin Warren offers teeth whitening services that let you brighten the shade of your teeth. Our at-home teeth whitening treatment lets you choose the level of whitening you want-you simply need to adjust the length of treatment time.

Our at-home whitening treatment consists of two custom-made whitening trays and the whitening gel. On your first visit we’ll measure your mouth for the trays and assess your teeth to see if the procedure is suitable for your teeth. When your trays are finished we’ll give them to you with your whitening kit and instructions.

During the treatment period of approximately ten days, you will wear the trays and whitening gel on your teeth each day for a half hour to an hour. Dr. Warren will periodically assess your progress to check the level of whitening and any signs of sensitivity from the treatment. Once the treatment is complete the whitening effect lasts between six to twelve months before it will need touch up treatments.

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