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Root canal therapy is a treatment that restores health to a damaged tooth by the removal of the pulp inside the tooth. The pulp is vulnerable to infection, so if a tooth is cracked or damaged by decay an infection may form and cause an abscess in the gum tissue above the tooth. Left untreated an abscess can cause tooth loss or a more serious infection of the gums. The dental speciality of endodontics deals with the pulp and surrounding areas of the tooth. Dr. Warren performs root canals as a general dentist, and may, in certain cases refer patients to an endodontist located in Edmonton.

The Root Canal Procedure

Dr. Warren provides general root canal therapy in our downtown Edmonton office. If an abscess is detected or if we determine that the pulp of your tooth is at risk of infection, we’ll recommend a root canal.

Root canal procedures may take one or two appointments. On the first appointment we’ll drill a small opening in the tooth and remove the pulp. Then we’ll clean the canals inside your tooth and fill them with a permanent material. Once the canals are filled, we seal the tooth with a filling. During the procedure a local anesthetic is used to reduce your pain and discomfort.

On the second appointment we’ll restore the tooth with a dental crown or a filling.

Watch a video about Root Canals:

Do you suffer from severe toothaches? They may be the sign of an infected tooth. Call our office to book an examination.

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