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Family and General Dentistry

Downtown Edmonton Family Dentistry

We provide general restorative dental care for patients of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our goal is to help our patients keep their teeth and enjoy good dental health for a lifetime.


The Canadian Dental Association recommends that you bring your baby to their first dental appointment within six months after they begin teething or when they are a year old. This lets your dentist detect any problems early in your child’s life and it can also help your child grow comfortable with dental exams.

Dr. Warren offers a complementary first dental exam for children under three years old. We can teach you how to clean their teeth and how to prevent tooth decay through diet choices and oral hygiene. We can also discuss techniques such as fluoride varnish to prevent tooth decay.


As you get older, your dental care needs will change. We provide care options for seniors including denture care and advice on how to accommodate for mobility issues. We can also assist caregivers with advice on how to help seniors brush, floss and care for their oral health.

If you have any questions about dentistry for your family or if would like to book an appointment with us, give our office a call.

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